The logistics industry in the UK is worth around £55 billion to the economy and employs about 1.7million people in more than 65,000 companies. It is difficult to think of anything that we use in our personal or business lives that will not have been handled by a lift truck at some point in its manufacture or distribution.

Fork lift trucks remain statistically the most dangerous type of work place transport. With 2/3rds of all accidents involving pedestrians. New and existing Health and Safety directives are increasingly focussed on logistics and work areas to ensure that forklift traffic and pedestrian areas are well defined and separated. Even with these systems in place, due to the sometimes heavy work load within an area or a small lapse in concentration, accidents still occur between truck and pedestrian.

H/S Exec figures show that last year fork lift trucks were involved in 24% of all work place transport accidents, with a worker being hospitalised with a major, potentially life changing injury every single day of the year.

Each company builds the associated costs of Health & Safety provisions in to their yearly financial models. Along with the associated cost of damage to product, packaging, property and other related costs caused by damage .These losses have become universally accepted as part of warehouse and logistics and up till now have been unchallenged.

We believe at Sumo, that it is time for this to change.

The Benefit to any organisation installing the SumoGlove or SafeFork technologies as part of their daily material handling operations will be quickly realised. Here are just a few of the ways in which our products can improve your operations.


  • SumoGlove is the only patented product in the world designed specifically for damage protection from the tines of fork lift trucks.

  • SumoGlove in all cases has shown to drastically reduce damage to product, packaging, and property and improve personal safety in the workplace.

  • SumoGlove can improve environmental sustainability figures.

  • SumoGlove can be easily installed on site or can be delivered as part of the SafeFork system.


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