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Industry today is bombarded with legislation and guidelines covering every aspect of business. Health and Safety compliance is of paramount importance and requires massive amounts of time and budget commitments and now targets for environmental sustainability in the workplace have been added to the administrative burden.

On top of this, increased competition and tighter profit margins are forcing businesses to constantly review processes in the struggle to reduce costs caused by damage, downtime and wastage while at the same time improving productivity.

Businesses that use fork lift trucks have to build the associated costs of Health and Safety provisions together with damage to products, pallets, racking and property into their financial models. These costs have become universally accepted as part of warehouse logistics and until now have been unchallenged.

The SUMO Glove is a safety product which is set to be the catalyst for change and has proved to significantly reduce these damage related costs and enhance Health and Safety provisions.

Made of an industrial grade polyurathane, the SUMO Glove is bonded to the forks and replaces the hard steel with a material that has a unique cushioning effect, designed to greatly reduce product pallet and racking damage while enhancing safety without affecting the operation effectiveness of the truck.

SumoGlove Pricing

SumoGlove is an onsite fitted product. Customers should be aware that trucks will be out of operation for a minimum of 2 hours while the SumoGlove is correctly fitted.

We are very happy to tailor any on site installations so as to have a minimal impact on operations and are able to offer installation training where needed for onsite engineer's. 

An on-line Safety & Installation guide is also available for companies wishing to fit the Glove themselves.

SumoGlove £395.00 per single set of gloves (This includes the installation kit).

Significant fleet order discounts are available, please contact for a tailored quotation.

Engineer costs

Engineer call out £125 per engineer*

Installation cost £25 per pair fitted

In case of long distance, overnight stays or where an install requires 2 engineers on site, these will be tailored to suit customer requirements and charged separately.

*max travel distance of 150 miles .

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